This illustrated board was probably one of the most fun I've ever had working on a project. This was a collaboration with three other people; Anastasia Skrebneva, Sam Button, and Véro Gómez. The project brief was to create something using tactile elements, so we did just that.

The story was of a Russian fairytale about a tickle monster named Şüräle. This monster is notorious for stealing woodcutter's axes, and luring people into the depths of the woods to tickle them to death. In this narrative, our lumberjack Hidalgo is working in the woods, when the tickle monster, who we named Charlie so we didn't have to keep calling him Şüräle, steals his axe and ultimately tickles him to death.


For this project, I illustrated all of the assets in Adobe Illustrator, then my teammates printed out the illustrations on a long sheet of paper. We cut them all out and set them up on a stage to achieve a sense of depth. After we had the raw photos, we edited them in Photoshop and the characters were then illustrated and composited into the scenes. From start to finish, this was the most enjoyable project I have ever worked on. Here are a few photos of the process!