Patrick Knip



This illustrative board is definitely one of the projects I had the most fun working on. This was a collaboration with Sam Button, Veró Gómez, and Anastasia Skrebneva. The particular brief for this project was to create something tactile. We decided to illustrate assets digitally, print, cut them out, and create sets to photograph and composite digital characters into.

We chose the Russian fairytale of Şüräle, a tickle monsters who lurks in the woods and stalks lumberjacks to steal their axes. Our story follows Hidalgo the lumberjack as he cuts down some timber. He catches Şüräle attempting to steal his ace, runs after him to retrieve it, but ultimately meets his fate of being tickled to death.


Here you can see our process book, as well as some images of us with our paper assets before cutting them out, and the environment stage we made to take pictures of.


Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist
SCAD CoMotion 2018 - Tactile Design Winner