Patrick Knip

Procrastination Day

Procrastination Day

Yet another instagram post that I helped animate at Buck! This was made to honor procrastinators everywhere for national Procrastination Day. Whether you scroll through memes for hours on the toilet or pop yo pimples, everyone has things they do to avoid their impending responsibilities. This post was art directed by Richard Gray, and I had the opportunity to animate about half of the scenes. This project was particularly fun because it was my first time animating hands, which was a fun challenge!


Art Direction - Richard Gray
Design - Tuo Kan, Jigyu Yoon, Martin Cusano
2D Animation - Patrick Knip, Ibrahim Zemheri
Sound Design - Fabian Molina

Individual Shots

Below, you can see gifs of each of the shots that I animated. I used DUIK to rig the hands, and this project was a good introduction to using bones with DUIK.