Patrick Knip

Moop Heist

Moop Heist

Moop Heist began as a little doodle in my Architectural History notebook, and grew into an illustrative design board about a floppy dude on a quest to rob some moola. This was such a fun project because it challenged me in character design, as well as keeping a style cohesive throughout a long project.



Here you can see some process sketches of Moop as I was figuring out how to dress him. My initial sketches involved him wearing some kinky lingerie, but eventually strayed away from that to a more PG getup.


This is the initial storyboard for Moop, which stayed pretty accurate to the end product. I decided to take some of the frames out because they felt repetitive when seen in context with the full board.


Motion Test

Here is an early motion test for Moop with his clothes. This was meant to be the first scene of the piece. This was a good practice for how I would composite the linework clothes on top of his body. The walk cycle was animated in After Effects using shape layers, and his clothes were drawn on top in Photoshop Cel Animation.


Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist