Patrick Knip

Moo Brand ID

Moo Brand ID

This is a Brand Ident for the online printing company Moo, which prides itself on affordable yet high quality products. In this collab with my friends Anastasia Skrebneva and Veró Gómez, we created an abstract representation of the printing process as an online order moves through the phases of production all the way to delivery.


Below you can see some behind the scenes time lapses. On the left you can see Veró, Anastasia and I cutting out, folding, and glueing together the paper models by hand. We used a program called Pepakura to turn our 3D objects into folding templates. This took so long, and we got SO many paper cuts you wouldn’t believe. On the right, we have our stop motion shoot set-up. The tunnel scene is a composite of 3D into stop motion, and here you can see us taking frame by frame images of the paper models being suspended by wire.

Here you can see breakdowns of the digital animation process. Our workflow was pretty efficient; I was in charge of cel animation and composting the textures of the shapes spreading on, and Anastasia and Veró were in charge of the 3D assets. We all worked together to composite the final piece together from 3D to stop motion.

Process Book + Logo Animation



Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist
SCAD CoMotion 2018 - Compositing in Motion Winner