Patrick Knip



This was one of the projects I enjoyed working on most at Buck. This was made for Buck’s Instagram to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Jay-Z dropping “The Black Album”. Art Directed by Fabian Molina, this project included some really talented designers and cel animators. I was in charge of the After Effects animation and compositing of cel elements.


Art Direction - Fabian Molina
Producer - Kirsten Collabolletta
Design - Fabian Molina, Tuo Kan, Debora Cheyenne, Camily Tsai
Cel Animation - Fabian Molina, Stephen Loveluck, Alex Bernas
2D Animation - Patrick Knip, Fabian Molina, Ryoko Kondo
3D Animation - Tyler Lancaster


Below, you can see some gifs of the piece as it progressed. At first, I was given an animatic that set the overall timing of the piece. I then made the tunnel in After Effects using shape layers and began animating, matching the timing of the animatic with the transitions. As the other elements were finished, I would add them in and time them accordingly.