Illustrated Alphabet

Illustrated Alphabet

Over the summer of 2017 I challenged myself to a daily Illustration. I had seen a trend on Instagram about a 36 Days of Type challenge, and decided that I wanted to try and complete it myself. Although I made it into a 26 Days of Type challenge, I'm really happy I finished the entire alphabet. I am really into Typography, so Illustrating the letterforms was a lot of fun!

Each one of the Illustrations is depicting a word that starts with the letter. It was supposed to be a daily challenge, but life happened, so it took two months instead of one, but hey, I still finished it!

A Bit of the Process

With the style that the alphabet ended up being, I would always start off the illustrations with a rough sketch of what I want it to be. Then I will take the sketch into Illustrator and create the vector shapes that I think work the best with the image I have in my mind. Then I'll choose the colors and export it as a photoshop document to finish up the illustration with some textures and other elements.