Patrick Knip

CoMotion 2018


Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to create a pitch with a group of friends that won and turned into the opening title sequence for CoMotion 2018. CoMotion is a two day career conference hosted by the student organization MOME Love at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During these two days, students have the opportunity to network with talented industry professionals, as well as submit work to a student showcase and attend panel discussions.

Each year, MOME Love hosts a competition for the branding of the event, and is voted on by the students of the department. Out of 18 other pitches, my team won the contest, and subsequently went down a rabbit hole of design and animation. The initial branding team, self-dubbed the Five Potatoes, was Sofie Lee, Anastasia Skrebneva, Sam Button, Yunho Park, and myself. The team ended up growing exponentially from this initial team, but we all took up leadership roles throughout the process. Sofie became Creative Director, Anastasia became Experiential Director, Sam the lead 2D Animator, Yunho lead 3D, and I became Art Director.

This was an extremely challenging but rewarding process, as we moved through ideation, storyboarding, designing, and full on production. The team grew to over twenty people, and soon enough we were functioning like a small studio to produce the title sequence and branding elements for the event.

Initial Branding Pitch


Our incredible Creative Director Sofie and I spent the month of December concepting and designing, making the initial storyboard and developing the overall look for the title sequence. Once we had the design direction, it was up to us to communicate with the team and make sure the style was upheld throughout. This project was an incredible learning experience for me, not only as an Art Director, but as an artist, and gave me a renewed love for collaboration.


The overarching concept of our title sequence was to show an abstract representation of the creative process, and how we must go through different stages of concept and ideation, trial and error, before we achieve our final product. The creative process is a form of a personal journey, which is represented by traveling through each of the surreal environments, collecting bits and pieces of inspiration that will eventually culminate in our final concept, “CoMotion 2018”. Each of the environments represents a different stage in the creative process, and each cube representing a new source of inspiration or development in the overall concept.



These are the designs for all six cubes from the title sequence. The cubes from the environments are symbols for progression through the creative process, a new idea or spark of inspiration that you stumble across as you develop your project.


Every year, CoMotion hosts a student showcase where the work of Motion Media Department students is displayed for companies to view and judge. The showcase is divided into separate categories of work, and is given its own title card that will play before the work from each category is shown. A group of us on the Branding Team were in charge of designing and animating these, and I was in charge of making sure all the designs were cohesive to the brand.

To see the entire list of credits for the amazing team I worked with, click here.