Patrick Knip

Cell City

Cell City

An illustrative infographic that takes the viewer on an imaginative tour of the inside of a cell. This project was a collaboration with the wonderful and talented Veró Gómez. We wanted to take a topic full of big scientific words and make it fun and approachable to all ages. We did this by using parts of a city as a metaphor for the different organelles that can be found within a cell.


Here you can see our process book, which gives a little insight into our creative process, from concept and ideation, to storyboarding, and final frames.

Motion Test

This was a little motion test I did to see how Lil’ Bloop would move. As a cell, I imagined him being pretty squishy and jelly-like. I animated him in Cel using Photoshop, then brought the assets into After Effects to color + add shadows + add a little extra motion.



Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist
SCAD CoMotion 2018 - Infographic Design Winner